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SEO Class Rocks

This week I attended SEO Class in NYC, the hands-on search engine optimization workshop hosted by a handful of the search industry’s greatest minds. ToddBradMichaelGreg and Brett gave it up to an intimate group of students in an interactive setting.

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You Don't Know Foo

You don't know foo, and niether do I, so I did a little digging to uncover what all the foo is about.

Foo Camp is an annual invite-only unconference hosted by O'Reilly, complete with a totally-Tim-hosted Foo Bar. This year the conference was held June 22-24 and saw 250 talented participants who do interesting work in fields like web services, data visualization and search, open source programming, computer security, hardware hacking, GPS, alternative energy, and other fields that can be described as 'emerging technologies'.

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Bone Marrow and Sweden's Longest Border

As SEOs, understanding the user intent behind a search query is important stuff (What is Java, anyhow?). I often browse through Google Trends and am intrigued by the results. Last night I checked in with Google Trends, to marvel at the latest buzz in cyber space, and saw an interesting result.

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Leveraging Linkedin for SEO

Sadly, Linkedin links no longer pass value. (6/2008)

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Humbled by SMX Seattle

It’s late on Wednesday night, as I contemplate this week’s experience at SMX in a Seattle hotel room. SMX Seattle was everything I love about SES New York, times ten. I am both humbled and inspired by the intelligence and passion of old and new friends who make a living in the realm of SEO, SEM, SMM, and domaining.