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4 Important Ideas for Creating an Effective Content Strategy

By now, most people have heard that content is important. Even more important, in my view, is content strategy. Here are some important ideas to consider when creating one.

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Stop Losing Traffic: 4 Problems Technical Audits Can Help Solve

For most clients, a comprehensive technical audit is where we start. It help us understand the current state of a website, and perhaps even more importantly, it reveals whether there are any glaring technical issues that may be getting in the way of attracting organic traffic. Here are some of the most impactful issues we've uncovered.

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Think About Marketing Differently: 6 Ideas from MozCon 2015

MozCon 2015 was packed with ideas about how to approach marketing differently. Here are six of my favorite disruption-focused takeaways.

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Digital Marketing & Information Architecture: Ideas from World IA Day 2015 in Tampa

Here are five ideas I took away from World IA Day in Tampa.

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6 Ways Digital Marketers Can Make Search Easier

Many people haven't mastered the skill of using search engines. Here are some ideas about how digital marketers can make the search process easier.

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3 Characterization Techniques to Help Companies Shape and Convey Their Identity Online

The way a business comes across online can be considered a character of sorts, one with a backstory, motivations, and a personality all its own. But unlike a character that is contained within a book or a film, digital identity is the sum of scattered fragments that span multiple platforms, many of which are highly interactive. This circumstance makes having a coherent, well-considered digital identity all the more important for businesses.

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Digital Product Innovation Explained Simply

Innovation is foundational to the success of your website and digital presence. What does innovation look like online?

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Step-by-Step Guide to Google+ Access for Local Business

Hi all! As a team we put together the following how to guide to help our clients get set-up with Google+ for a local business. This stuff can be a pain to navigate, so we're sharing it here as well. We hope you find it useful!

Google+ Local affects search engine page results, Google Maps, reviews, and much more. It’s important to have access to your page in order to take full advantage of this powerful platform. Here's how to gain Google+ access for local business.


How do I find my Google+ Local page?

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Understanding Your Audience: 10 Takeaways from MozCon 2014

If we want to become better marketers, we need to understand our audience better. This message came up a lot at MozCon 2014, and I found myself collecting bits and pieces of insight throughout the conference.

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The Basics of Determining Your NAP and Pitfalls to Avoid

Having an accurate and consistent NAP – which stands for name, address, and phone number – is one of the most important aspects a business needs to get right in order succeed at local SEO. It contains key information about your business that is spread across a vast local ecosystem.