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Achieve the presence you deserve in search. Through our technical SEO audits and overarching analysis, we focus on enhancing the on-page elements of a website.  

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These optimizations can lead to increased site speed, improved site structures, crawl diagnostics and more.  A technically-sound website helps search engine bots to understand your website and robots to send visitors to the pages you want them to see.

Our team of Technical SEO consultants will pinpoint the optimization needs of your site and make targeted, strategic adjustments to enhance your website visibility.

Proper implementation can increase page rankings by directing search engines to the content they should prioritize, helping you rank higher for relevant keywords.

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Our Technical SEO Services

Page Level Optimization

Optimizing on-page content for the best keywords is essential for ranking effectively in the search engines. Here, In this section, we perform a comprehensive analysis of your website’s on-page elements – such as title tags, meta descriptions, alt text, and more – to make sure they align with best practices as well as provide a strong user experience.

Link Audits

We provide an in-depth analysis of how links are pointing at your website. These detailed reports reveal popular referring websites and lost link opportunities; show a variety of external factors that affect rankings & how often crawlers visit each page; and explore linked phrases describing your products & services appearing elsewhere in sitemaps or press coverage.

Keyword Targeting

We identify and prioritize keywords that potential users type into search engines. For targeted keywords, we find them, rank for them, and optimize. A successful targeting strategy is based on competitive research, keyword popularity and relevance measures of the website. We’ll review your current material for improvement areas.

Our Process

Research & Discovery

We dive deep into competitor and market research to better understand your company and industry as a whole. This process starts with a site audit and keyword research to give our team an overarching view of SEO components on your website.

Strategy & Planning

After analyzing our research and discovery outcomes, we put a game plan together. Our project management team organizes the scope and ensures deliverables are met on time and action items are monitored for implementation.

On-Going SEO Support & Training

To ensure that your website’s SEO stays current, we continue supporting you and your website. The industry is constantly evolving; our support ensures that your website grows with it.

Monitoring, Testing & Reporting

We are agile and continuously monitor search results to improve your company’s SEO growth. Our reports are generally sent out every month and provide a snapshot of growth and changes.

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