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Keyphrase Targeting - Methodology

Before I get into how I review Keyphrase Targeting in my SEO Audits, I need to cover my methodology. Keyphrase Targeting  is one of those artsy aspects of SEO. It requires gut, creative thinking, and un-common* sense. Today, I'm going to try to describe the mess that goes on in my head on this front. I'll get into how I put my thoughts and findings on paper for a client audit in my next post. * Am I the only one bothered by the phrase 'common sense'? If good sense was 'common', wouldn't we all have it?

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SEO Audit Guide: On-Page & Content Optimization

For those of you who are new here, let me fill you in real quick on what I'm up to. I posted my SEO Audit Outline some time ago, then I committed to sharing my audit process section by section.

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SEO Audit Guide: SEO Scorecard

This is the first real post in a series I promised yesterday. (Look at me! I'm blogging!) I'll be covering, in detail, how I construct an SEO Audit from the ground up.

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SEO Audit Guide: Section by Section

When I posted the SEO Audit Outline a couple of months back, I was thrilled with the response. People seemed to find it genuinely useful. Will Critchlow over at Distilled was stunned. What a kind statement!

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SEO Audit Outline Sample

By the time I was faced with producing my first SEO Audit, I had been doing SEO for a while. I was pretty confident I'd touched on most major SEO factors and felt like I had a good sense of the overall SEO picture. Despite that, something about the task of preparing a full top to bottom audit was terrifying. So much to cover!

Back then, I searched high and low for a template, outline, or sample and came up empty handed. As part of my research for this post I looked around again and even leveraged a tool that wasn't available to me the first time around, Twitter.


A Fresh Look at Old Ideas

Back in 2001, nearly a decade ago (!), I began my career in Internet Marketing with a little baby shoe manufacturer called Robeez. I was hired to ‘run the website and increase online sales’. When I took the job, with compensation that leaned heavily towards commission, my friends and family thought I was crazy. After all, who was going to buy baby shoes (or anything, for that matter) online?

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Pass-Through Pages for SEO

A method for managing duplicate content while maintaining internal link value and making the most of your site's navigable structure is to classify certain types of troublesome pages as pass-through. Pass-through pages are those that have transitive value, but not independent value. Meaning that the page contains valuable internal links and may be integral to the navigable structure of the website, but does not serve well as a landing page or entry point from an organic search query. Sometimes these pages are substantially duplicate content, other times they are not.

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SEO Impact/Effort Grid Template

When reporting to management and seeking the timely prioritization of SEO initiatives, consider presenting information in an impact/effort grid or chart. This presentation of information should be submitted in advance of senior strategic or resource planning meetings and any time a new SEO project proposal with development requirements is submitted.

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Creative Duplicate Content Solutions for Enterprise

Duplicate content issues plague websites small and large, from print versions and session IDs to content sharing such as distribution partnerships and locally targeted portals. This post focuses on the latter, outlining solutions for enterprise scale duplicate content issues. Essentially, duplicate content is a significant block of content on multiple URLs that either completely or closely matches other content. The search engines strive to index and present to users only one version of each piece of content.

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Reporting & Scorecarding for Management

SMX East 2008 is just around the corner. Boasting three days of sessions, keynotes, and networking activities, SMX is an opportunity to mingle with some of the greatest minds in internet business. I’ve been attending search conferences for years, including several SMX events, and look forward to the opportunity to return the favor by sharing my knowledge and expertise with the search marketing community. I’m thrilled that SMX East will be my conference speaking debut.