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Not Using Google Authorship? You May Be Missing Tons of Free Traffic

If you have been grinding tirelessly to come up with new post ideas as you work to build your audience, pat yourself on the back! It’s not an easy feat, and we here at Keyphraseology certainly commend you for your efforts.

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3 Ways to Bring a Human Approach to Keyword Research for Local Business

While most keyword research tools are effective on an international and national level, they can fall short when targeting a local search audience. Keyphraseology encountered that limitation while working with a garage door company. The client wanted to get found by people who live in the cities and towns they serve. We needed to know what motivated residents to search and which words were likely to be in their queries.

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Out 'n Aboot - Lindsay's East Coast Tour

I have several exciting speaking gigs on the calendar for the next few months. Take this as your official invitation to come out and say hello! I'll do my best to make each session rock.

SHARE Orlando (Disney!!)
August 7-12th 2011
Orlando, FL

SHARE is an association of computing professionals that has been around since the 50s. This event draws several thousand IT attendees, usually from enterprise scale businesses with gigantic computing needs.

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Summertime Conferences!

The summer season is in full swing and while you could always go to the beach or the pool or the lake to cool off, I have a better suggestion, how about hitting an Internet Marketing & SEO conference?  Sure, there are not as many fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them, but there will be air conditioning!

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Where are you headed this quarter?

It’s been a busy few months here at Keyphraseology!  With so many conferences and events going on, we have been moving at lightning speed trying to keep our list as current as possible.  The response so far to our SEO and Internet Marketing Conferences list has been wonderful, and we are just tickled to be able to offer the resource.  Thank you to those who have contacted us about conferences not listed.

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2011 SEO and Internet Marketing Conferences

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  It’s finally here!  After many, many, weeks scouring the internet we have compiled a lengthy list of all the wonderful SEO and Internet Marketing conferences happening across this big ball we live on.  From New York to Shanghai, there are conferences and events that are planned…and we have them all listed here for you!  Attending industry conferences is a great way to learn and grow.  It’s a place to pick up new tricks and tools of the trade and can even jump start a great new idea or give a fresh outlook on a stale habit.  On the flip side, conferences are a great reason

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Pro Bono Charity Site Audit

Thank you to all who submitted your application for the Pro Bono SEO Audit for a Great Cause!  It was inspiring to read about all of the great non-profit charities out there making a difference every day.  It’s very selfless work that you all do, and I want to send a big “Thank You” to all!  This wasn’t an easy selection, but we have a winner!!

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Local Factors Added to the SEO Scorecard

Local search isn't a factor for all websites, but its importance among businesses with a local brick and mortar shop and/or location based keyphrase targets only continues to grow. My depth of coverage for local search factors in SEO audit has always been driven by the client need. Basically, I've previously added a section when relevant. Today, I've given local search a permanent home in the SEO Scorecard template. Instead of squeezing it in as needed, I'll simply pull it out when it is not needed.

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Next Year's Conferences

Hard to believe, but there isn't a great list of Internet Marketing and SEO Conferences out there. So I figured, what the heck, may as well collect it myself and post it here on Keyphraseology. Whether you are looking for speaking gigs, sponsorship and exhibitor spots, or to pursue your own continued education it looks like 2011 will have some nice opportunities. Check out our list of Internet Marketing & SEO Conferences in 2011.

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9 SEO Halloween Costume Ideas

Still don' t know what to be for Halloween? If you're into SEO, maybe one of these nine ideas will inspire you!