Keyphraseology provides online reputation management services to help individuals recover from a compromised online presence in the search engines. With roots in advanced search engines optimization strategy for business, Keyphraseology is uniquely qualified to correct undesirable search engine results for individuals, too.

Reputation Management Process

Online reputation management is a two-phase process that can take as little as 3-months, but often continues for a year or more.


A successful reputation management campaign begins with a careful assessment and plan.


Damage & Risk Assessment

We assess the existing damage and forthcoming/risk items to ensure that we’re all on the same page and to help determine the scope, budget, and duration of Phase Two.


Asset Inventory

Everybody has a story. Some aspects of that story we seek to minimize. Other aspects of our story would serve us better overall if amplified. We’ll work with you to craft the most positive aspects of your individual story: past, present, and future. These assets might be in professional success, philanthropy, etc.



We’ll catalog the top 50 Google organic results. Each ranking webpage is analyzed for sentiment (positive, neutral, negative), relevance (high, low, none), influence (full, partial, none) and measured for ranking “power” using Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics. We’ll use this benchmarking as a baseline to measure progress throughout the campaign.



Once we have a complete picture of our reputation management status from the Damage & Risk Assessment, Asset Inventory, and Benchmarking, we’ll define the Strategy. Simply, the Strategy outlines the assets we’ll need to create/surface both conceptually and literally. Reputation management strategy is rooted in the creation/promotion of favorable webpages that will outrank the negative ones.


Once we have our plan, we get to work implementing strategy.


Asset Creation

We’ll set to work creating/surfacing the webpage assets. Our asset catalog will be defined in the Strategy, but often includes the build-out and optimization of third party website “profiles” such as Bloomberg and LinkedIn, among dozens of others, the creation of new website(s), optimization of existing owned websites, and the acts of creating a positive story through things like philanthropy.


SEO Public Relations & Links

The level of damage/risk, prescribes the necessary SEO Public Relations & Links program. Search Engine Optimization is a relative exercise. Our objective is to strengthen the positive digital assets to be stronger than the negative ones to outrank them in search. In most cases, this can’t be done without media mentions, quotes, and links.


While working with Keyphraseology on a reputation management campaign, you’ll receive ongoing support in the following areas.


Project Management

Reputation management projects usually include hundreds of moving parts and microtasks. We’ll create the necessary project management collaboration and tracking workflow in Confluence and Jira which include project dashboards, timelines, priorities, risks and detailed status.


Monitoring & Reporting

We’ll continuously monitor the search results for change and adjust your campaign as necessary. Monthly, we’ll provide a report of results that shows a snapshot of the current search engine results pages and a log of change with graphs showing progress.

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