Growth Strategist

We’re looking for a well-informed multi-channel digital marketer to help us expand our advisory capacity in non-SEO channels and disciplines. This role is ideal for a strategic problem-solver with a well-rounded digital marketing background who can work across projects simultaneously.

Help shape marketing strategy and manage sales materials and marketing campaigns both in-house, for Keyphraseology, and for our clients. In applicants, we love to see intellectual curiosity, strong research and writing skills, and a self-starter attitude.


Strategic lead

  • Plan and advise on strategies and campaigns across digital marketing channels, especially including email, social media, content, and digital PR.
  • Brainstorm and recommend new and creative growth strategies.
  • Identify trends and insights in order to optimize budget and performance based on the insights
  • Track and analyze performance data.
  • Evaluate end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and customer touchpoints.
  • Provide CRO insights, guidance, and leads test campaigns
  • Optimize landing pages using A/B testing and multivariate experiments
  • Evaluate emerging technologies. Provide thought leadership and perspective for adoption where appropriate.
  • Provide guidance to leaders/teams about the many different facets of digital media and the role they play in the digital marketing space.
  • Sales strategy, materials, and production of website content in-house for Keyphraseology.

Engaged Team Member

  • Support and learn with other team members to satisfy cross-functional client projects.
  • Become an engaged, valued participant in client calls and communication.
  • Consistently deliver client-ready materials on time and on budget.
  • Collaborate with agencies and other vendor partners

Skills & Attributes

Our ideal candidate possesses the following skills and attributes.

  • Innovative, problem-solving mindset. Ideally, you are intellectually curious, great at research, and skilled at coming up with creative solutions.
  • Independent, self-driven. The majority of your work will be a hands-on, solo experience. You must prefer and enjoy independent work to thrive in this role.
  • Exceptional written and verbal English communication skills. You can explain complex ideas clearly and enjoy writing.
  • Strategic and analytical thinking is essential
  • Good understanding of mobile marketing would be advantageous.


  • 5+ years of experience developing and implementing digital marketing strategies.
  • Business or Marketing degree preferred.
  • Agency experience is preferred.
  • Hands-on experience with email marketing, social media, content, digital PR, affiliate marketing, CRO, and paid media management.
  • Experience using data analytics tools including Google Analytics, SEMrush, Google Search Console, and Data Studio.
  • Experience with A/B and multivariate experiments.

Working with Keyphraseology

100% Remote. 100% Borderless.

Keyphraseology is 100% remote and borderless. With team members and clients dotting the globe in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa we bring the best digital marketing minds to the job at hand, offering expertise and support across an ever-growing list of geographies and languages.

Honoring Genius & Autonomy

We work hard to honor team members’ individual genius and autonomy. Each of us is at our best with a unique mix of work/life balance and our own ideal work hours and schedules. Not a morning person? We can work with that. Are three-day weekends – all year – your dream? Also a possibility.

You’re so much more than your work. You’re your family, your hobbies, your own personal chef, your health and fitness. Working across so many time zones and cultures, Keyphraseology thrives by honoring the variety of our team members and clients.

Celebrating Diversity

We work hard to honor and support the individuals who work with us. We’re multi-national, multi-racial, multi-lingual, woman-owned, age-agnostic, and diverse in our lifestyles. We are built on diversity, engagement, and inclusion, unlocking our ability to solve problems through different perspectives and lived experiences. Keyphraseology has developed an environment of mutual respect where equal employment opportunities are available to all and differences are supported and celebrated. We can’t wait to meet you and discover what makes you unique.


  • We’re 100% remote and borderless. Work from anywhere and everywhere in the world.
  • Flexible schedule, hours, vacation, and sick time.
  • International travel opportunity for team collaboration, conferences, and client visits.
  • Generous pay. Performance bonuses.
  • Wonderful, friendly, and diverse teammates and clients around the world.