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Your website is often the best place to start in your journey towards building a stronger digital presence. Get your house in order first, and your digital marketing strategy will have a chance to take flight. We offer a variety of audit-style assessments to help with just that.


Technical SEO Audit

Each Keyphraseology Technical SEO Audit includes an analysis and report of the on-page elements, URL conventions, site architecture, crawl-ability, and other opportunity areas. The outcome of implementing these recommendations is a solid website framework that works with you, not against you, when publishing content and working to rank for important keywords.

Here is an outline of what we analyze when preparing your audit.

SEO Scorecard

Keyphraseology’s SEO Scorecards provide an executive snapshot of current SEO status and growth opportunity of your website. 3-5 key page types will be selected to represent each domain. These pages are assessed and scored on a scale of 1-5 for each of the most important factors of influence to search engine optimization

Most Pressing & Valuable Changes

To make it easier for you to reference and implement important changes, we highlight and prioritize top
opportunity areas.

SERP Analysis

Analyzing the search results of your website in Google provides us with insights into health and opportunity areas to guide the direction of growth. In this section of your Technical SEO Audit we highlight noteworthy finds from within Google search results, look at some indexation methods, identify opportunity areas for improved use of search real estate with rich snippets and look at your business in relation to the competition.

Accessibility & Canonicalization

An important aspect of SEO is managing the way the search engines crawl and index your site. In this section we’ll look at robot directives, crawl inhibitors, duplicate content, canonicalized site versions, and expired content.

Reputation & Mentions Audit

How your brand is discussed online, and how those mentions appear in the search engines, can have a significant impact on your website’s traffic and conversions. We’ll review the existing mentions of your brand and surface the items requiring attention. We’ll outline a strategy for addressing these mentions, both in how they’re addressed online and how we plan to ease them lower in the search engine results pages.

Code Efficiency

Google has made it clear that websites need to be fast if they want to do well in search. This section covers several website performance items that can affect your rankings.

Information Architecture

Website information architectures are reflected in a variety of ways, including navigational structure, breadcrumbs, URL sub-folder structure, sitemaps, and various linking practices. As each page serves a purpose within a websites page-flow and navigation process, it is important to view all pages as a potential entry point from external traffic referral sources, such as Google.

Page Level Elements

Optimizing on-page content for the best keywords is essential to ranking effectively in the search engines. In this section, we perform a comprehensive analysis of your website’s on-page elements – such as title tags, meta descriptions, alt text, and more – to make sure they align with best practices as well as provide a strong user experience.

Keyword Usage

Keyword Targeting is the art of identifying and prioritizing keywords that potential users type into search engines. A successful targeting strategy is based on competitive research, keyword popularity and relevancy measures of the website. We’ll review your keyword usage for improvement areas.

Link Audit

Links are an important factor in a website’s mix of marketing assets and search engine strength. Business owners need to tread carefully, however. As much as a quality link can help a website’s ability to rank, a poor quality link can damage that website’s ability to rank even more. We’ll carefully review your current links and determine if a link removal campaign is necessary. If so, we’ll use Support time to help with the removal campaign.

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