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This week I attended SEO Class in NYC, the hands-on search engine optimization workshop hosted by a handful of the search industry’s greatest minds. ToddBradMichaelGreg and Brett gave it up to an intimate group of students in an interactive setting. Todd gave an excellent whirlwind presentation on SEO Tools that had me installing and bookmarking like a mad woman while he spoke. Although it may not have looked like it, I was paying attention! Sometimes a girl needs to strike while the iron is hot. I have already put to work the Search Status 1.20 Firefox plug-in (and have subsequently vowed to never go back to Explorer), and have installed The Tattler. Check out more SEO tools in Stuntdubl’s Tool Belt. Brad made my job a lot busier by reminding me that PPC deserves my attention just as much as organic. I haven’t decided if I appreciate or resent him for it. So, what you’re saying Brad, is that it’s a really bad idea to let PPC campaigns run themselves?! In all seriousness, Brad knows his PPC inside and out. This is the guy to talk to if you are managing large spend. Michael is always a pleasure and very knowledgeable regarding creative content creation. He seems to think in Linkbait, so I got a lot out of picking his brain over the two days in New York. In addition, content pieces that you don’t consider valuable, might just be so. Events archives are worth keeping around and email newsletters deserve a home on your domain. The nice thing about SEO Class is the size. I was able to speak to most presenters one-on-one regarding a variety of my own site-specific issues. Brett took the time to go through some canonical and URL conventions with me. Thanks for helping me problem solve Brett. Often, there is more than one way to skin a cat. It was great to have so many smart folks in one room to bounce ideas off of. Mr. NYC, as I will be calling Greg him from now on, knows as much about NYC as he does about SEO. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction for good eats and good shopping as well as good SEO practices! All-in-all, I would recommend SEO Class for almost anyone interested in the topic. The setting allows you to make what you will of it, and get the info/advice that is most pressing for you and your business. The content is excellent and the opportunity for one-on-one attention is priceless. Thanks gentlemen!

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