SEO Audit Guide: Section by Section

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When I posted the SEO Audit Outline a couple of months back, I was thrilled with the response. People seemed to find it genuinely useful. Will Critchlow over at Distilled was stunned. What a kind statement!

will critchlow stunned

Then I presented on the topic of SEO Auditing at the SEOmoz Seminar. People listened. And Tweeted. Wow!

ninjelephant tweet

I really do love to share what I've learned. If I can help you make your SEO Audits better and save you a little time while I'm at it, then great. Do I want to give away my Word document so you can download it and call it your own? No, not really. I'm a fan of the teach-a- man-to-fish vs give-a-man-a-fish concept. Believe me, it is going to be a lot more work to do it this way but I hope you'll see my efforts as worthwhile. So this is my plan... I'll cover each section, define the subsections I use, describe how I obtain the information, what it looks like when it is done and other nuggets that might be useful. Below is a list of what I'll cover. As each section is complete, I'll hyperlink the list so bookmark this page and check back every once in a while to see what is new.

SEO Audit Guide Outline:

  • SEO Scorecard (with Updated Template)
  • On-Page & Content Optimization
    • Keyphrase Targeting: (Methodology & Documentation)
    • Title Tags
    • Meta Descriptions
    • H Tags
    • Substantive & Unique Content
    • Image Alt & Filenames
    • Over- Optimization
    • URLs
  • Site Architecture
  • Crawling, Indexing & Technical Issues
  • Search Guidelines & Spam Protocols
  • Linking
  • Vertical Search
  • Competitive Comparison
  • Metrics
  • Finishing Touches

Alright, enough talk about what I'm going to do. I'm off to work on updating that SEO Scorecard so I can get it live for ya tomorrow. In the meantime, happy auditing!

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