Pass-Through Pages for SEO

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A method for managing duplicate content while maintaining internal link value and making the most of your site's navigable structure is to classify certain types of troublesome pages as pass-through. Pass-through pages are those that have transitive value, but not independent value. Meaning that the page contains valuable internal links and may be integral to the navigable structure of the website, but does not serve well as a landing page or entry point from an organic search query. Sometimes these pages are substantially duplicate content, other times they are not. The objective of implementing the pass-through classification on certain pages is to maximize on internal link value, eliminating dead ends in the management of internal link flow, and make the most of natural link based navigational schemes throughout the site while keeping poorly converting pages out of the index. Adversely, the common implementation is a simple disallow, which keeps the pages out of the index but also cripples link value, link flow, and natural navigation schemes. Related Post includes technical treatment recommendations: Creative Duplicate Content Solutions for Enterprise

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