Out 'n Aboot - Lindsay's East Coast Tour

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I have several exciting speaking gigs on the calendar for the next few months. Take this as your official invitation to come out and say hello! I'll do my best to make each session rock.

SHARE Orlando (Disney!!)
August 7-12th 2011
Orlando, FL

SHARE is an association of computing professionals that has been around since the 50s. This event draws several thousand IT attendees, usually from enterprise scale businesses with gigantic computing needs.

I'll be presenting an overview on SEO with a healthy dose of tips for enterprise scale solutions. Come see me at Disney on August 9th if you're looking for an SEO 101 for enterprise scale IT.

BlueGlass TPA
September 26-27th 2011
Tampa, FL (waterfront!)

This is going to be awesome. I attended the last BlueGlass conference in Tampa and it was a blast. Even though I was a very new mom of twins and a little sleep deprived, this event kept me awake and engaged. The speaker lineup at BlueGlass events is always entertaining and the content brain bending. I'm honored to be a part of the crew this year on the live audit panel. Can't wait!

There are only 50 tickets for BlueGlass TPA. Yikes! Don't dilly dally.

Digital East
September 28-29th
VA (District of Columbia)

These events are informative, fun, and amazingly affordable (<$350). I spoke at a sister event a few months ago and had a great time.

I'm chairing the Search Marketing PreCon and have some awesome speakers lined up (more to come on that). In addition to helping put this one together and introducing folks as it is their turn to present, I'll be giving my own presentation on "Content Types - Beyond the Web Page". This is my favorite topic lately. The search engines are eager to rank content types like video, local, images, news, and more than a dozen others. It is often easier to rank one of these alternate media types for a given keyword than it is to rank a traditional web page. Anyway... come to the Digital East or Internet Summit PreCon to hear the preso.

Internet Summit
November 15-16th
Raleigh, NC

This conference is put on by the same folks as Digital East (above). The PreCon outline is the same but the speakers will differ a bit.

I hope to see you at one, two... heck why not check out all four? Don't care to see me? There are a ton of other conferences around the world in the last half of 2011.


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