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Thank you to all who submitted your application for the Pro Bono SEO Audit for a Great Cause!  It was inspiring to read about all of the great non-profit charities out there making a difference every day.  It’s very selfless work that you all do, and I want to send a big “Thank You” to all!  This wasn’t an easy selection, but we have a winner!!

Introducing Women’s Bean Project of Denver Colorado!  It’s truly amazing what a handful of beans can do.  These beans have healed souls, given hope, created relationships, inspired ingenuity and most importantly, empowered impoverished women.  This powerful charity was founded by Jossy Eyre in 1989.  Then she was working at a Colorado shelter, but saw that while the shelter kept the women safe and temporarily off the streets, it didn’t empower them to make a change to break their cycle.  Eyre bought $500 worth of beans and put two homeless women to work…the beginning of a new beginning.

Women’s Bean Project is designed to provide a stepping stone for women who are struggling.  Many of these women are homeless; some have battled abuse and incarceration.  They are taught life skills such as relationship building, job readiness, computer skills, marketing and customer service.  The women at Women’s Bean Project create amazing gourmet delights, such as soup mixes, spice rubs, brownie and cookie mixes, teas and marinades, as well as a line of handmade, limited-edition jewelry. You can order all these yummy and beautiful items online at

When these special women leave they have the skills needed to make positive, lasting, life enhancing changes in their lives…all because of a few beans.

Thank you to Women’s Bean Project for all that you have done and continue to do!  It will be such a thrill for Keyphraseology to help such a deserving charity.

It was so hard to choose only one charity for this Pro Bono site audit…so we decided to make it an annual thing!  We will announce later in the year when we will be accepting applications again.  If you are or know of a charity that would benefit, please check back in late 2011 for our next announcement, or you can “contact us” and we will get back to you when the time comes!

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