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Sadly, Linkedin links no longer pass value. (6/2008)

Helen of non~linear creations wrote a great article earlier this week about Effective Marketing on Linkedin. Linkedin is frequently critiqued on it's value as a social networking tool, but with 11 million users (Really?!) they must be doing something right. In her article, Helen speaks to a number of strategies that can be used for marketing on Linkedin.

Her article includes a section called, "Supporting Your SEO". In this section she suggests sending a company-wide email requesting a link back to the company website. I did just that a couple of months ago in my organization. If you do SEO work in-house, this is one more touch-point in the education and empowerment of individuals with respect to SEO and the success of the corporate website.

Linkedin provides quality back links from public profile pages. By leveraging individuals on a large scale (like in a corporate environment) and controlling the anchor text and destination URLs, this strategy can help with rank. Simple Equation: (Quality Back Links + Keyword Driven Anchor Text) x Lots of Staff Members = Good Stuff.

4 Tips to make your In-House Linkedin SEO Campaign a Success


  1. Make it a big deal. The subject line of my email was, “You Can Help (Company) SEO Through Linkedin!” When you see people in the halls, at the water cooler, wherever, bring it up. If you participate in company conference calls that include a wrap-up round table discussion, bring it up.
  2. Provide concise step-by-step instructions. I provided six step instructions, and still got questions. Also, be sure to identify the anchor text you want used. You never know what they will come up with on their own.
  3. Lead the leaders. Give everyone a few days, then knock on office doors. “Excuse me, CEO, do you have five minutes so that I can walk you through updating your Linkedin profile? I know you are busy, and it will be quicker for you if we walk through it together.”
  4. Follow-up. Be persistent. Send a follow-up email to those who have not participated and link to the CEO’s public profile as an example. Believe me, it is an excellent motivator to the tardy recipients that the Head Cheese found it important enough to contribute.

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