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Innovation is a core principle of effective SEO. It is often the difference between a successful digital presence with audience and one that sits unnoticed.

As a digital marketing agency we have the pleasure of speaking to the people behind great - and not so great - business concepts. One of the questions we always ask of prospective clients is this, "What makes you different?"

Sometimes the answer is as simple as "Think Amazon," or "We're just like Angie's List."  In these cases we try to provide a little on-the-spot coaching and then send them on their way.

How can a business grow and thrive in a space that was already won, without any additional innovation? I don't believe that it can.

Lets look at the concept of "product". Sometimes we get ourselves in a mind trap of considering products to only be tangible things - a blue widget - if you will. The true definition of a product is in fact much more broad. A product is anything offered to a market to satisfy a want or need. Anything.

 Product definition

Just like a can of Campbell's Tomato Soup is a product, so are other less obvious things. Each of Andy Warhol's 32 screen-printed Cambell's Soup pieces are a product. The last Facebook post you made about the sugar ant in your breakfast cereal is product.

Andy Warhol's Cambell's Soup Cans

Image Source

Now lets explore the meaning of innovation. When we think about innovation in action our minds often go to the most famous tangible innovation examples. We think of important inventions. The lightbulb. The post-it note. The personal computer. The ball point pen. Lego. Jello. Just as Lego was an invention and an innovative product, free hugs are also an innovative product.

free hugs

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You don't need to invent a cell phone charging, heat producing, food cooking survival device to innovate. Adding cinnimon to your spagetti sauce would be innovation. It might not taste good, but innovation none-the-less. Each and every time your mind sparks a new idea or a new way of doing things, you're innovating. Finding a more interesting way to walk to work is an innovation. Innovation can be incredibly simple. 

Innovation is foundational to the success of your website and digital presence. What does innovation look like online? I have a little green box here to tell you.

Simple, yes?

Innovation doesn't only occur in a company founder's notebook. Innovation can occur in any job in any company. Instead of benchmarking what you produce against the best example you've seen, seek to exceed it in your own way. Find creative ways to write better. Refine your social sharing technique until your blown your previous engagement goals out of the water. Design and refine your user interface until you become the industry benchmark of success.

Lets all agree to do a little more innovating in everything we produce.

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