9 SEO Halloween Costume Ideas

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Still don' t know what to be for Halloween? If you're into SEO, maybe one of these nine ideas will inspire you!

1. Decomposing Jeeves

ask jeeves halloween costume
Decomposing Jeeves combines classic Halloween gore while paying homage to your inner search geek.

Remember Ask.com's Jeeves? He left the scene four years ago at the Jeeves Retirement Party in NYC (who was there with me?! SES '06 FTW!). He was actually encapsulated in a carbonite grave and transported out by Stormtroopers, a method in which I don't believe allows for natural decomposition. Details aside, 'Decomposing Jeeves' would make for an excellent costume that combines the classic gore of Halloween with your inner search geek. I'm told Matt Cutts went as Zombie Jeeves a few years back, so you'd be in good company. This one is easy and comfortable. Plus, what guy doesn't look good in a suit? (Though he seems very nice, I've never met the gentleman in the photo. It is also more than likely that he is not a search geek and has no idea who Jeeves is. View the image attribution.)

2. Link Ninja

This is as easy as they come and could definitely be thrown together day-of. I don't think I've ever entered a Halloween store that didn't have a ninja outfit. Plus, ninjas are cool.

3. Traffic Director

crawl speed limit street sign
Crawl Speed Limit 60 S.B.R (seconds between requests). LMAO!

When I was an in-house SEO my team and I dressed up as Traffic Directors. We wore hard hats and orange vests for the costume, but the real fun came in decorating our corner of the office.  There were traffic lanes on the floor between cubes (easy to create with colored tape), traffic cones, and SEO street signs. We also used police tape to section off some areas. A few well-placed road flares can also jazz things up nicely. I don't remember now what the signs we used were, but I do have a few fresh new ideas for ya.

  • Do a "Disallow: /road-closed/" in the shape of a road closed sign.
  • Instead of a detour, do a "301 Redirect" with an arrow.

This is a great option for a large team. The more the merrier!

4. Google Instant

Don't feel like putting in the effort? Just go around finishing everybody's sentences and call yourself Google Instant!

5. Roger MozBot

Roger Mozbot
SEOmoz's Roger MozBot would make a killer costume.

If I didn't work from home, I think this would be my 2010 Halloween costume.SEOmoz's Roger is just so darn cute. Expect to spend a lot of time in the garage figuring out how to make this one! If I were putting it together for myself, I'd get dryer hoses from the hardware store for the arms and legs and paint them silver. For the body, I'd want something flexible so would seek out silver fabric and sew it around two circular objects (think small hula hoops). Drop me a line if you want more ideas. I didn't take this picture either. Here is the image source.

6. Linkerati

Think paparatzi, except you'll add a computer mouse around your neck.

7. Duplicate Content

duplicate content ladies
Duplicate Content can be two or more of anything.

Duplicate content is one of my personal favorite topics, for obvious reasons. My own duplicate content babies are going as Raggedy Anne and Andy this year (eeek! can't wait!). Duplicate content is a fun Halloween costume solution for SEOs, especially if you are a closet geek. The beauty of this costume is that you and a friend can dress up as whatever you want and call it duplicate content. To your non-SEO love interest, you can say "We're Sexy Angels <wink>," or whatever. To your like-minded SEO buddies you can say "We're Duplicate Content!" See how that works? (Here is the image source on this one.)

8. Black Hat / White Hat

Black and White Hat
Black Hat & White Hat

If your dressing up with an SEO friend, one could be the white hat SEO, the other can be the black hat SEO. If you don't have any friends, you could go as both with a hat like the one pictured on the left. Any kind of hat could work, really. If you are a women, you could even do a fancy horse race day hat to add a touch of class. I got this image from an online costume store: image source.

9. SEO Auditor

A clipboard is a must have accessory for issuing ridiculous citations.

This would be a Keyphraseology blog post unless it included something about audits. You could go as an SEO Auditor (think nerdy tax auditor). Carry around a clipboard and issue citations. For example, how about a duplicate content citation when you spot 2 people wearing the same costume? I'd think up a bunch of possible citations and print them up a head of time to make it seem more official and legit. Sounds like fun to me. :)

Bonus: SEO Office Group Game Idea

go fish
Go Fish!

How about 'linkbait'? Contestants will 'go fish' in search of the highest PR catch. All you need is a blow up kiddie pool, some toy fishing rods, and floating fish. You'll mark the bottom of each fish with a PageRank score and award a prize for PR 10s and 9s. (image source) For more ideas, check out my friend Rob's post from last year.

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